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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: Safer and Securer Business Travel by Sophie Harwood

When travelling for business, we most often focus on our trip’s objective while inadvertently taking many other factors for granted. Sophie Harwood reminds us that preparing for the worst, and most importantly for the little things, is what guarantees a safer and securer business travel.

I recently wrote an article entitled “When business travel goes wrong” that described five travel mishaps I had experienced and listed four lessons learned from each of them. Whilst researching today’s article I looked back on those twenty pieces of advice and was surprised to discover that only three of them related to post-incident actions; the other seventeen are all things that should be done in preparation.

We rarely set off on a car journey without knowing that we have an inflated spare tyre and the tools to change the wheel, or at least the number for a break-down call-out service, even though we infrequently get punctures.

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31 May 2017