Workplace Violence Prevention Course

2-minute Taster

Please watch our 2-minute Workplace Violence Prevention animated video which is in our new 14-minute Online Workplace Violence Prevention course.

Concise, engaging and customized to your specific audience.


Full 14-minute Course

To review our full 14-minute course please click the image below – this is an example of what a course can look like rebranded in blue not our orange.

The course is unlocked for ease of review, revert back to the Menu button on top left to skip to next topic. We have various & alternative Active Threat animations to choose from.

Delivery Process (6-8 weeks)

Initial Consultation: Our Workplace Violence Prevention Experts will review your prevention program, offer advice for improvements (if required) and set out a project plan for your training delivery and implementation.

Delivery: Project managed by both our Workplace Violence Prevention and Learning Experts we will work with you to customize our existing content (and create new content if required) to ensure timely delivery within your budget. Training content will be hosted on your internal systems and we will work directly with your Learning/ HR department for a seamless implementation.

Maintenance: As part of our annual licence fee, our Workplace Violence Prevention and Learning Experts will review and update your course to ensure content is fresh and relevant.


Based on two things:

1. Level of Customization. Either $3,000 for Standard Customization or $6,000 for Advanced which includes recoloring the 2 animations within the course.

2. Annual Licence Fee based on number of users. For example 1,000 users: $4,845 ($4.85/user), 5,000 users: $9,695 ($1.94/user) and unlimited users $12,995 (<$1.30/user)

Example pricing for 1,000 users for Standard Customization. Year 1: $7,845 ($3,000 + $4,845) . Year 2: $4,845

Optional extras: Amended Voice-over: $825. New and amended visuals in animation: $1,235 per 10-seconds. For example updating animation to look like your workplace.

Contact us to book a meeting and learn more.