Workplace Violence Prevention Video

Please watch our Workplace Violence Prevention video which is also in our new 14-minute Online Workplace Violence Prevention course.

This video educates employees on Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention. It is designed to be customized to promote specific company policies and procedures as well as matching corporate branding.

Content Overview/ Topics Covered:

      1. – What is Workplace violence
      2. – The Company’s commitment to providing a safe workplace
      3. – An employee’s obligations
      4. – Intimate Partner (Domestic) Violence & Workplace Violence
      5. – Warning signs & the importance of reporting




    As with all our videos, we charge $2,700 per minute of video taken and an additional $455 per minute if you want the video recolored too.

    For this video, we would customize the slide at the end of the video (words only) to reflect your policies and procedures so your employees know how to report a concern and get further support if required – we charge $550 for this.

    In total the video is 2-minutes 19 seconds, so we charge 3-minutes as a standalone video.

    Workplace Video with text customization

    Standard beTravelwise’s Colors:  $8,100 ($2,700 x 3) + $550 = $8,650 unlimited users for life.

    Recolored to fit Client Branding: $9,463 ($3,155 x 3) + $550 = $10,015 unlimited users for life.

    Optional Extras: 

    Amended Voice-over: $825

    New and amended visuals in animation: $1,235 per 10-seconds

    Contact us to learn more.