Top 9 causes of non-natural deaths abroad

Any experienced travel or security manager will know the probability of dying abroad is far less than that of in your home country – however, in light of recent terror attacks and earthquake incidents it is good to be reminded of the more probable risks abroad in order to prepare your travellers effectively. A traveller should be more concerned on how to avoid petty crime, loss of items, travellers’ diarrhoea and road traffic incidents.

Taking data from the U.S. Citizen Deaths Overseas, U.S. Citizen Traffic to Overseas Regions and NHTSA (references below); on average 1 in 80,000 die from non-natural causes abroad whereas 1 in 10,000 die from a motor vehicle incident each year in the US homeland. On average 822 Americans die from non-natural causes a year abroad but what do they die from?

1. 30% Road Traffic Accidents

2. 19% HomicideTravel Risk into Perspective

3. 14% Suicide

4. 14% Drowning

5. 12% Other Accident

6. 3% Air Accident

7. 3% Terrorist Action

8. 3% Drug Related

9. 2% Natural Disaster


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U.S. Citizen Traffic to Overseas Regions, Canada & Mexico 2015
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26 April 2016