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10 Interesting Travel Safety Statistics

02 Apr 2021

In 2015, we published an article on Travel Risk statistics, given this has been our most viewed page, we have updated some of these 10 potentially interesting statistics. All figures have been taken from government or well-respected sources and referenced at the bottom.

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The Most Common Threats Facing Business Travellers

09 Sep 2016

There was once a time that the only companies who trained their employees on travel safety and security (or who even had a travel security policy) were those who operated in the so-called “high risk” industries or areas – work such as manufacturing, construction, mining, drilling, media, or defence in places such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq or Papua New […]

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beTravelwise tests the sharing economy in Denver

02 Aug 2016

In mid-July we went to Denver for the GBTA convention and decided that we should use Uber and Airbnb so that we could better understand the sharing economy from a business perspective[1].  Our aims also included gaining an understanding of how they might best be used within a travel risk management programme and what safety advice […]

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Travel Risk Management featured in The Corporate Traveller

07 Jun 2016

beTravelwise was interviewed for a feature published in The Corporate Traveller this month.  The article provides an excellent description of the travel risk management market and we are delighted to have featured heavily in the training segment and to be seen alongside the industry giants.  

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Notes from the ITM Conference 2016 – a risk management perspective

10 May 2016

beTravelwise is just back from the ITM conference at Celtic Manor.  We were fortunate to be included in the start-up section of the exhibition and participate in the Innovation break out session; we found it a thoroughly worthwhile couple of days in which we were able to meet existing and potential clients and deep dive […]

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Top 9 causes of non-natural deaths abroad

26 Apr 2016

Any experienced travel or security manager will know the probability of dying abroad is far less than that of in your home country – however, in light of recent terror attacks and earthquake incidents it is good to be reminded of the more probable risks abroad in order to prepare your travellers effectively. A traveller should […]

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10 Interesting (or maybe random) Travel Safety Statistics

09 Mar 2016

When considering any policy or procedure in relation to business travel it is important to put risk into perspective and not let the press misguide decisions. The following are a few statistics which might be of interest to people who work within the business travel industry.

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