Flying Solo Safely

Sophie Harwood, our women travellers advisor, gives some tips to Grazia’s readership about how to stay safe when travelling alone.

Please see the scanned article or transcript below.

Flying solo safely Grazia (UK) · 31 May 2016 ·

‘Safety might be the furthest thing on your mind as you lay back on your lounger, but it pays to think ahead,’ says independent travel security consultant Sophie Harwood of

  • Be bling-­savvy ‘In certain locations (Europe, North America or South Africa) I’ll wear a ‘wedding’ band to discourage unwanted male attention. In less economically developed countries, I’ll ditch prominent jewellery altogether to avoid being targeted by opportunists.’
  • Stay in touch ‘Give a friend or relative a copy of your itinerary – including flight details and hotel name – agreeing to check in once a day. While you might be dying to disconnect, it’s important somebody knows where you are.’
  • Arm yourself ‘Statistics from the Home Office show carrying a personal alarm gives you a 97% higher chance of warding off an attack. Chances are you’ll never use it, but the peace of mind is invaluable. (I rate safe-­’


1 June 2016