Covid-19 Content

 To help our clients we have created content related to Covid-19 safety and awareness.


We have created a Covid-19 awareness animation that communicates safety measures that everyone should take to minimise the chances of catching and spreading the virus.  This is freely available and can be downloaded for all to use.

We also have a new animation that tackles physical (social) distancing and the use of face coverings.

Business Travel

Contact us to find out more about Covid travel safety tips. Educate your staff on preparation for travel, best practice tips and what to expect in the air, on the ground and in their accommodation.


We have created a fully responsive elearning course designed to educate your employees about the return to the workplace.  The course is designed to be easily customised; text, images and links can be changed quickly, as well as course framework colour and logo.  It will be published in SCORM 1.2 for distribution via a learning management system, but it can also be published for access via the web.

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All our materials are fully customisable and we can create bespoke content if required.

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